Seafarer and writer
Yes, I´ve been going from Norway to Rarotonga with Manu Nui and it´s crew. My assignment was to write about the journey, and to share hard work of cooking with the stewardess Grete. Beside that I took turns at the bridge and did my share of cleaning.
I came into contact with the captain Magne Risa through a good friend, Annebelle. She´s the sister to Jan Palmers, norvegian journalist and producer who is doing a documentary on a charity-project to Palmerston. The project was sponsoring a fishing-boat to the people living there, and Manu Nui brought it down in the cargo-room to Tahiti. 
As soon as Annebelle told me about it, and that she had plans for joining the crew on the boat  I felt Oh yes, that´s what I´d like to do too. And as it happened they had room and use for me.
In my ordinary life I´ve been working as a pressofficer at Swedish Television, and last spring as a web copy and consultant. I also have a weekly column in the morning paper Göteborgs-Posten. There Asta and her friends make people laugh - those with a sense of humour - and annoys others - those with strict morals and overly dogmatic views on small devils right to existence. Read more if you want to know what´s that all about in The world of Asta and her friends.
But for further reports in English on how the trip was please go to tales of travelling or  to Fabel Film. Goodbye for now,
Christina Hamnqvist

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