The world of Asta and her friends
In the autumn of 1986, inbetween jobs and a newcomer to Gothenburg, I wrote my first piece of what was to become Astas column. I was so surprised myself that I done it so I sent it strait  to the local newspaper - Göteborgs-Posten. And my second surprise came when it appeared quite soon on their daily page for humor and cartoons. So I wrote another one. And it too appeared. And I wrote a third one, and so I kept on until they called me from the paper and wanted to have a look at me. After that Iīve been writing continously, with a short break a couple of years ago, and Iīm still enjoying it immensely. 
The whimsical Asta turned up one day without warning. Then she got company - the fiendish demon, her bad conscience, the Fanskapet. A short, hairy, faun-looking demon that lives under the impression that itīs still bad, but actually it is doing Asta all the good in the world. 
Then suddenly the car wanted lines. You donīt turn down a 2CV that easy, so of course it got itīs lines and into the world it emerged, with the mind and temperament of a quite spoiled and megalomanic little girl in curls and a nice dress.(Itīs a Charleston.) 
And like this wasnīt enough - there came Beata and Coco one day. Friends or whatever you call it, Asta, Beata and Coco stick together despite endless arguments, fights, teasing and cursing.
So thereīs a whole family now, with guest-appearences of living people. 
To give you an idea of what itīs all about, Iīve tried to translate one piece for you. Please, look over the faults and errors you find. I hope it will give a glimpse of the world of Asta and her friends. 

May 31/99 - Spring is in the air

Astas arkiv

copyright  hamnqvist